This Blog’s Purpose

I’m keeping (starting?  revitalizing?) this blog because I enjoy writing and want to improve at it.  I’m hoping to write at least one non-journal post per week.  Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the kinds of things I might post about:

  • Software Design & Development : primarily for web or mobile, maybe for games
  • Startups : news, how-to’s — potentially tied in with the software design & dev above
  • Notes : books & articles I’ve read, courses I’ve taken
  • Art & Music : things I’ve created or find particularly inspiring and/or interesting

I’m going to have private posts where I keep terse, high-level daily journal entries that also record various data that might be useful in the future (e.g. caloric intake, nutrient breakdown, time-tracking, exercise, meditation, and sleep), but I don’t think those will be viewable to the public.